After an alcohol induced blacked-out night of drinking, Teddy discovers he has severely beaten his wife, Molly. As he attempts to redeem himself to her she must decide whether or not she will take him back. Her mother, Angela, continuously expresses her disapproval while her brother, Gordon, falls in way over his head as he tries to hire an ex-con, Howard, to kill Teddy.

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“The Living” is a dramatic thriller structured as two separate, but interlinking stories: one a quest for redemption and the other a self-corrupting voyage. The film balances the bleak with the humorous, and suspense with drama, creating a film that is commercial while still retaining an independent feel. “The Living” stands out in originality of story and tight interweaving plots. With an original perspective on domestic abuse and regret, the film challenges the viewer to take a fresh look on this important social issue.




Shooting has taken place in former mining towns within Northeastern Pennsylvania. The production was based around a working class community to reflect the lives of the characters. Using beautiful scenery mixed with suburban decay, the town and surrounding areas have helped to create the ambiance of a gorgeous film with a menacing feel.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

“The Living” is the first narrative film to be shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. This revolutionary new camera allowed the achievement of a visual quality previously unattainable at this budget level. Both graceful and raw the footage is poignant yet a visceral film experience. 


Director, Writer, Producer: Jack Bryan
Producer: Laura DuBois
Producer: John Snyder
Editor: Frank Reynolds
Director of Photography: Aleksandar Kosutic
Composers: The de Luca Brothers



“I wanted to make a film tha­t tackled real characters and relationships. As those relationships developed I would slowly introduce elements of suspense and terror, building to a climax that was exciting and shocking. I sought out to make a thriller that was beautiful, exciting, and incredibly affecting.”


Writer, Director, and Producer Jack Bryan




Special Presentation:
Blackmagic Design Event, August 2014

Private Screening Events:
Hosted by Tribeca Film Institute during the Tribeca Film Festival with after party at Catch Rooftop, New York
Hosted by Peter Davis at the Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn / United Talent Agency Headquarters, Los Angeles 

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